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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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basically, we are done. stick a fork in it could move it on out to see. also south of our viewing area early in the day, we will show you that in just a second. snowfall remains for parts of virginia beach in the southeastern chesapeake. a little bit across accomack county in the eastern shore. you can see anywhere basically south of the interstate to sand bridge. this area getting a little bit of a steadier snowfall. in the northern parts of the outer banks we are seeing some. it is a little steadier. it has pretty much ended towards kill devil hills after seeing an inch and a half in there. 4-5 inches south of the viewing area. what do we expect for the overnight hours? 6:00 tonight, got a few flurries
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we will drop on down tonight. a couple more flurries at 7:00. the eastern shore could see more. overnight we could see more flurries on the eastern shore. the wind will pick up during the overnight hours. with that we will see the effect snow showers. beach. 7:00 in the morning. the 20's. and it will be cold coming up for tomorrow. we are almost done with the snow. the wind for saturday morning all the way to about sunday, it is really going to be called out over the weekend. snow warmer than rain. another weather system for monday and tuesday. i will tell you more about that and ashley baylor will be helping me out and show us what is going on with the forecast in just a few minutes. stephanie: we have crews in
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>> jeff fisher has made his way down to elizabeth city. joe: well, we are going on for hours of snowfall and the snow just letting up a little bit ago. nothing release falling from this night -- sky right now. we're dealing with the doubt two inches on the grassy surfaces. as we go to my left, you can see nc344, the minimal impact this storm is out on the roads today. cars coming through with no trouble at all. you can see we are standing over highway 17, which really is, again, not seeing the impact of the storm. that is the big take away right now. if you don't have to be on the roads, don't, but right now the conditions are not too bad. people earlier said they are not
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>> once you start plowing, we will start melting some with design but it will -- with of the brine but it will come back up. >> hey, now, deal with it. hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow, because valentine's day is coming up. joe: and? >> i have plans. joe: you don't want it to be snowing on valentine's day. and i do not think she is alone. the snow should be out of the way for valentine's day. live look at this overpass over highway 17. that is what the cruise tell me -- the fruits -- the crews tell me they are most worried about, that freezing over tonight. the biggest concern. all the way to northeast north carolina, they are going to have crews monitoring the roads all
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we have seen trucks coming by monitoring the roads that they have not had a plow on the ground. that is a different story where my colleague matt gregory is in their county where they have seen more than two inches of snow. for the most part, clear on the roads. two inches on the grass. we will have another update on "wavy news 10" at 6:00. for now, joe fisher, 10 on your side. >> we have followed miller from the virginia department of transportation to tell us what the crews have been seeing. are you with us? >> we were prepared at the feet up -- at vdot and did not have to drop our plows but we will be monitoring very closely tonight and to the day tomorrow and
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the temperatures in the low 20's and dropping into the teens tomorrow night. we want to be very mindful of the potential for re-freezing, which can be very hazardous. jen: your crews will be added all weekend long, it sounds like. >> yes, and we hope people will be mindful that bridge decks, and also the dry pavement conditions. use common sense. jen: absolutely, and that is the other thing i was going to talk to you about. clearing off the vehicle correctly, and that giving your crew space. >> absolutely, and if there's any snow on the vehicles or ice, brush off the windows, the roof. if it breaks loose it becomes a real hazard for other drivers. we just want people to break early if they see a potential
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weather conditions, and of course, take advantage of the free 511 app or call 511 if they need information before they go out. jen: thank you, paula miller. we appreciate what your crews are doing today and this weekend. anita: the snowfall continues and so does our coverage. stephanie: liz palka is joining us from hampton. liz: i've heard some of our colleagues say that the flurries have stopped. we are seeing the same thing here in hampton. no more snow falling hasn't been in an hour, hour and a half. we have enough to cover the ground and the bushes off west mercury boulevard. no ice or snow buildup on the roads. the cars are not having a problem. if anything, the roads are just
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the crews were heading out to staging areas across the city. there was a full staff on hand to help with the weather. several trucks out there. putting down the salt and sand mixture. if you are driving around hampton this evening and received the public works trucks, you have noted that police are following a safe distance behind me. this is something that the police regularly do when there is snow falling in hampton. get those clouds and police officers whenever. liz palka, 10 on your side. >> be sure to keep an eye on the winter weather wherever you are. download our weather app. coming up, snow has been falling in portsmouth the past few hours. >> on the flip from our tower cam -- and let's take a look at
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it does look too bad out there. we will get an update on how
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anita: some areas of hampton roads will see temperatures dipping into the teens over the weekend. tips to protect your pipes. open your cabinet if you sink is on the outside wall. if the pipes to freeze, keep the closet open. use a hair dryer in hot water. at -- use a hair dryer were a towel dipped in hot water. put petroleum jelly on your pet's paws.
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between the toes, as they come inside. if it is to quote for you, probably twofold for your pet. anita: civil organizations are opening the doors to help the homeless get out of the cold. anyone needing to take shelter should check in at the oasis social ministry at 7:00 p.m. the winter shelter program is working with various faith organizations across virginia beach to provide shelter to those in need. anyone needing a warm place to sleep should check in by some :00 p.m. -- 7:00 p.m. on 18th street. >> i will have a report on the secondary roads and what you can
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jen: stephanie: winter weather coverage continues at 5:30. anita: live outside the wavy studio in portsmouth, how are things looking out there? >> the snow is coming down much more slowly now, much more study , just about 4:30, when we were out here last. the public works director assured us that the city will be ready to treat the secondary roads and in fact, they already have. we will show you video a couple hours ago. i-264. it really wasn't too bad and a lot of people started home early from work. they made their rounds with the sand mixture -- salt lake and sand mixture. they are prepared for anything this weekend.
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shifts. a little more information -- i want to reiterate, anita, what you mentioned three or four minutes ago. the city has a homeless shelter set up. the registration for that is that oasis social ministry on williamsburg avenue. that starts at seven i thought register first and the volunteers will take you over to the church. jen: and now with a check on traffic, the crash on 64 westbound appears to have cleared. however, let's look at the live traffic jam cam at the backup. 64 westbound, motors trying to get to the newport news area, the secondaries are still going to be the better bet. this is the backup going to the hampton roads tunnel westbound.
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traffic does slow around mason creek. the eastbound commute is not too bad. traffic is slowing around mallory street road it is the westbound. that is troublesome. we got word of a crash on virginia beach causing delays. it is sort of a busy spot in southern virginia beach that is causing delays for folks. keep that in mind if that is where you are headed. when crash still clearing but it is in its final stages. that is a check on traffic. now with weather, here is a don and ashley. >> now your super doppler forecast with chief meteorologist don slater. ashley: so it seemed like we have the snow earlier and it came a little bit early and then ended early? don: take aim a little bit late. just slightly late.
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it is still going to get cold. but the snows and ending nicely through the area. we are getting enough to keep everybody happy. it looks purty out there but it is messy with the roads because it did and a couple hours early. here is what is going on on super doppler 10 live. you can see the snowfall lifting eastward. and you can still see a little bit going on. and we can still see a flurry or 2. even at midnight. the bulk of the snow is moving on off. and again, we will see some of this, a little bit of snow during the evening hours. but basically we are done with it. the west and, you are getting a
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we are looking at the back bay area, has a landing, and then we move on southward and the northern portion of the outer banks. the southern shore, seeking some scattered snow showers there. way on to the south, they did have 45 inches. just a mess of numbers. you can see 5 inches, three inches, and in the hampton roads cities, mostly half an inch of snowfall. not really strong enough or overpowering enough to really, really hit the roads real, real hard. some spots in the north carolina are around one inch to two inches of snow as well. through sunday, we move on through and this is moving on
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through here. this is the strong wind we have got. by sunday we are fine in our area. ashley taylor will cover what is going on there that will come up in just a minute. now after this moves on off, the wind will pick up and we will end up with half an inch to one inch, three to four. as far as the wind chills, right in the blue-collar. single digits during the day. you can see throughout the day on sunday. with more of what is going on with our computer model into tuesday, snow moving back in, here is ashley bailey. ashley: one thing after another. we go to the snow and then back to the wintry mess here. saturday will be fine. sunday will be fine. yeah, it will be a little bit cold that we can handle. her comes monday, the next
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with us know wintry mix. as temperatures warm into the low 40's we will make the transition to all rain. he will be tracking razor monday night and most of your tuesday and then the temperatures start to drop off into the 30's tuesday evening and we will make the transition back to us know wintry mix -- snow wintry mix bit monday and tuesday, not really a blockbuster. more of a headache with the transitioning back and forth. looking a lot better out there. 27 degrees in newport news. 28 degrees in chesapeake. this is why this note stuck to the ground this time around. temperatures will drop off into the mid-20's, and tomorrow it will be a struggle of most places to make it to the low 30's. in some places it may not be the upper 20's. 50-25 miles per hour.
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on monday, starting off with the mixture of snow and changing over to range and then back to the wintry mix for tuesday evening. wednesday that is looking like the best day of the week so far. in the meantime, you can find updates at anita: stay on top of the form by downloading the weather app. it gives you hourly forecasts and any watches and warnings for our area. tom: still to come, we continue our coverage of the winter weather across hampton roads and north carolina on the latest conditions. jen lewis standing by with a look at the roads, and as the system has south, you will want to get the latest updates on the ever-changing weather in just a few minutes. an update on everything you need
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jen: at this point travel is going to be tricky so you might want to stay off the roads. travel only if necessary. the good neighbor. check on those vulnerable and see if they have everything they need and you can always call 211 for help. we have a lot more information
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coming up at 5:30, as soon as the snow started falling, the photos started coming into our newsroom. winter weather from another perspective, yours. stephanie: and we continue to
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our crews across the we are getting great photos on make sure you send us your photos. you can send them via facebook or e-mail us. stay with us. the latest on the track of this winter weather is next on wavy news 10 at 6:00. have a good weekend and stay warm. right on time and right with the forecast, old man winter pays a visit to hampton roads and north carolina. it is a definite reminder it is not time for spring. >> the snow had been coming down for hours but as the sun goes down, the snow is letting up but a little snow can cause problems here in hampton roads. >> our first live picture right
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around hampton roads. photojournalist chris is behind the wheel. the camera is mounted safely to give you an idea of what most drivers are facing tonight. >> the preps for the snow started earlier today. this is video where heavy equipment was loading up to keep the roads clear. most interstates and most primary states were pretreated for the weather. >> we have live reporters all over north carolina as they have watched the snow roll in and now roll out. chief meteorologist don slater, don, looks like we're wrapping i thinks up, is that right? don: we are. we can see a few flurries around midnight but not too much more than that. it was moderately heavy at times, really coming down for a time.
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most part. we are still seeing scatters snow showers towards the peninsula but nothing really big. over the lower bay, these have popped up here in the past five minutes so nothing big going on here. most of this out of the bay. this is the last of it into virginia beach and falls cape landing at the park here. we're seeing one last area of snowfall going on in the southern shores and duck area. farther southward, across the outer banks, we had heavy, heavy snow in mainland areas especially. i would not doubt if they got 4 or 5 inches of snow. it could have ended in sleet or rain. we had snow across north hatteras island but it is gone and moving off nicely throughout the region. here is a look back eight hours in time.


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